Our Paws

Our goal is to give back to the university that gave us so much. 


After graduating in 2015 (at 50!), I had an overwhelming desire to do something meaningful for our university. We wanted to find a way to give back by building pride, loyalty, and camaraderie between our alumni, fans, and students.  To bring us together.

Many other universities have a logo that identifies them and sets them apart.  When I was at UH, I didn’t feel we had this and always wondered why we didn’t have a three-toed paw logo based on Shasta’s “missing toe” story.  THIS sets us apart – no other school or university has this design (or should I say legend).  


So, through Sport My Paws, we set out to create this logo and wanted to use it as the symbol that brings meaning to us.  We want the world to know it means we support each other.  It not only represents UH, but also our network.


Your purchase of our products supports UH alumni owned businesses. Plus, 50% of total retail sales profits will be given to UH Athletics and Spirit of Houston student scholarships. 

Coogs, let's spread our paws all over Houston and beyond to let the world know we support our pride!

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